Environmental Policy

At Dish we strive to ensure that all aspects of our business are sustainable from where we source our food to the office paper recycling

Our food:
– Our aim is to source as locally as possible. We cook with seasonal ingredients, olive oil and fresh herbs and spices.
– We are proud of the food we produce and ensure we have a thorough knowledge of all our ingredients and products. Where our food comes from, how it is farmed, reared, harvested, produced and delivered is important to us.
– Wherever possible we buy British and seasonal produce. We design our menus around the ingredients of the season.

Our dairy:
– All our dairy is British Farm Assured. Dish only uses free-range eggs sources from the UK.

Our fish:
– Our fishmongers follow the strict EU guidelines, with their commitment to increasing the range of products sold from sustainable and organic sources; this is then reflected in our seasonal menus
– We use wild salmon from Alaska. This is a natural and sustainable source of salmon with full Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.

Our meat:
– We only buy meat from butchers and farms that we trust and visit regularly. The local farms which our butchers source from undergo stringent selection criterias. Our butchers are also all accredited by the RSPCA Freedom Food Initiative.
– All out cattle are free-range and usually grass fed. The cows are brought in and housed in barns during bad weather. This makes their lives much more comfortable. Even when brought inside they are guaranteed natural sunlight.
– All of our chickens are free-range with plenty of natural light and freedom to wander. The chickens we buy are raised in airy, open sided sheds. The feed the chickens are given is GM-free, natural, vegetarian.
– The pork that we use for our bacon and ham is farmed to the standards of British Farm Assured. Wherever possible we source from UK farms. Our ham is Wiltshire cured and our bacon slow cured and never pumped with water.

Our recycling:
– We recycle all of our packaging and office waste paper.
– We recycle all of our glass bottles, plastics and wherever possible.